Data model

The Sign-Off Module is delivered with a default data model for all the data required to support the approvals workflow. These components share the same foundations but each use different datastore configurations and a separate cube.

Sign-Off Module components

The Sign-Off Module comprises several component databases. The following table lists these databases and provides links to their associated schemas, and datastore definitions, where applicable.

Component Description
Application The Application database comprises the sign-off process definition and instance objects.
This database may be shared with the application.
Audit Log The Audit-Log contains a record of all user actions within the Activiti workflows.
The Audit-Log database comprises two tables
Activiti The Activiti workflow state is maintained in the Activiti database. This includes copies of objects that are waiting for approval before being saved to the Application database. This database is managed by the Activiti process engine.
See the Activiti documentation for more information about this database schema.

For details, see the Sign-off Module Developer Guide.