Adjustments Execution

This object contains the execution of the adjustment.

Table name: AdjustmentsExecution

Column Key Type Description
executionId Y string The execution ID, generated on the application server side
type string The type of adjustment
task string The task name associated to the adjustment
status string The status of the adjustment execution
liveFrom zonedDateTime The beginning of live range for the object version.
liveTo zonedDateTime The end of live range for object version (null if range has no end).
comment string The comment associated to the definition of the adjustment
reason string The reason defined for the adjustment
filters string The filters defined for the adjustment
measures string The measures defined for the adjustment
input string The input defined for the adjustment
user string The ID of the user who executed the adjustment
serverName string The name of the application server to which the process definition is related. Used to generate the URLs for calls to RESTful services in the application server.
definitionId string The definition ID
processInstanceId string The process instance ID linked to the adjustment.
asOfDate string The as-of date for the adjustment execution