For information on upgrading from previous versions, see the Python Data Load Controller Migration Notes




  • Support for Atoti 0.8.x Versions : Added support for Atoti 0.8.x.
  • Support for installation through Conda: You can use install with Conda.

Dependency versions

Component Version
Atoti >=0.8.0 - <0.9.0




  • Support for atoti 0.7.0 : Added support for atoti 0.7.0

Dependency versions

Component Version
atoti >=0.7.0 - <0.8.0

Known Issues

Performance degrades with many requests

Loading many DLC Requests can cause a performance slowdown. This is due to an underlying atoti issue where the time to collect the Loading Reports is linear to the number of Loading Reports. To get around this issue, private methods _disable_loading_reports() and _enable_loading_reports() have been added to the DataLoadController. These methods are private, as they impact the functionality of the DLC, which is explained below.

Disabling the Loading Reports greatly improves the performance of DLC operations but comes at the cost that the Response will not contain any Events. Getting the status for a DLC request (getStatus) will also not return any events as when the Loading Reports are disabled, the DLC does not check or collect Loading Report Events.

This feature can be enabled or disabled at any time. If enabled then later disabled, the Loading Report Events for earlier DLC Events will not be lost. Inversely, if the feature was disabled and then enabled, then all new Loading Report Events will be stored in the DLC’s Event Cache and are accessible through the getStatus endpoint.




  • Inital Release : First official release of the Python Data Load Controller tool.


  • Remotely load and unload data from an atoti instance through REST services.
  • Use Scopes to narrow-down loading and unloading operations.
  • All previous events are stored in a cache which can be queried through REST services.

Dependency versions

Component Version
atoti 0.6.3 - 0.6.5

Known Issues

In atoti 0.6.5, if a DLC transaction fails, all further transactions will either fail or hang forever. This issue is only present in atoti 0.6.5. atoti 0.6.4 & 0.6.3 do not have this issue.



Issue Key Details
PST-699 Created atoti Data Load Controller prototype

Known Issues

  • atoti DLC only works on atoti Version 0.6 and up.