Getting started

Required Dependencies

Atoti+ version 0.6.0 and above is required.


Like the core atoti-plus package, py_dlc can be installed as a Python package but pip or poetry need some extra configuration to be able to download the package from a private repository.

In the commands below, replace {{username}} and {{password}} with your credentials, escaping them if they contain any reserved characters.

The py_dlc repository is located on artifactory within the pypi-internal repository.


pip install py_dlc -i https://{{username}}:{{password}}


First, follow Poetry’s instructions to configure as a private repository.


poetry add py_dlc

Poetry project.toml

Alternatively, you could add the private repo to your project.toml file:

name = "artifactory"
url = ""

And include the py_dlc library:

py_dlc = "*"


Then we can import the library in our python project

import py_dlc