Migration notes 5.0

This page explains the changes required to migrate to the stated version of Atoti CVA Risk Capital.

Migrate to 5.0.1

No migration needed.

Migrate to 5.0.0

Upgrading from version 4.0.3 See Atoti CVA Risk Capital 5.0.0 Release Notes.

Atoti CVA Risk Capital uses Atoti Server 6.0.7 and Atoti UI 5.1.x. For new features and fixes included in these releases, please see the Atoti UI documentation and Atoti UI Migration Notes, and the release notes for Atoti Server.

For clients licensed to use ActiveMonitor, a skeleton module based on version 6.0.7 is included with the Atoti CVA Risk Capital 5.0.0 release.

Headline announcement

  • Atoti Server 6.0: Upgrade to 6.0.7.
  • CRIF file format : Fixed CRF file format to align with ISDA specification. The ValuationDate field was removed from the file and is determined from the filename (or directory).

Monitoring configuration

In Atoti Server, monitoring is part of the core product. The Atoti Server Monitoring (APM) extension is no longer needed.

The following configuration files have been added:

  • ApplicationMonitoringConfig.java
  • BraveTracingConfig.java
  • MonitorConfig.java

Security Configuration

  • The UserDetailsService bean is now defined in its own class, UserDetailsServiceConfig.
  • The class InMemoryUserDetailsManagerBuilder has been removed.
  • In the class ASecurityConfig, the class AActiveUISecurityConfigurer has been added to handle the security for the Atoti UI connection.
  • The SecurityConfig file has been modified accordingly.

Data-Extract-Engine Configuration

Only the CsvDataExtractionEngineConfig configuration class coming from the Data Controller core classes is imported now. These configuration files are no longer imported:

  • CsvDataExtractionServicesConfig
  • CsvDataExtractionRestServicesConfig
  • CsvEnhancedDrillthroughServicesConfig
  • EnhancedDrillthroughRestServicesConfig
  • DataExtractionWebServicesConfig
  • DataExtractionRemotingServicesConfig

Content Server Database

The content server database has been migrated to H2 version 2.

Datastore Configuration

The class ExtendedDatastoreConfig has been renamed to ExtendedActivePivotWithDatastoreConfig and its content upgraded to be compatible with the Atoti Server 6.0 API.

Input file formats


File Details
credit-quality-mapper.csv This file feeds the CreditQualityMapper store. If not present, the store will be empty, preventing the retrieval of the credit quality category, which in turn will prevent comparing two credit qualities.


Modification File Field Optional Description
Deleted crif.csv ValuationDate This column was removed from the file format. The ValuationDate is now determined from the filename (or directory).

Configuration files

Files Added


The apm.properties file is used to configure the Atoti Server Application Performance Monitoring (APM). APM monitors the healthiness and performance of Atoti Server instances. It provides several features easing the support work, and reducing the burden of maintaining and troubleshooting Atoti Server.

Files Modified


Properties starting with qfs.jwt have been renamed to start with activeviam.jwt.


Updated properties:

Property Name Comment New Value Old Value
activemonitor.activepivot.url Changed property name activepivot.snl.url activemonitor.activepivot.url
sentinel.daemon.waitStableDistribution Changed property name sentinel.daemon.waitStableDistribution activemonitor.daemon.waitStableDistribution
live.snl.url Changed property name live.snl.url activemonitor.ui.url

New properties:

Property Name Comment Value
server.servlet.context-path Sets the application’s context path /cvarc-starter
useLimitsModule Enables/disables connecting to Atoti Limits false

Files Deleted

The signoff.hibernate.properties file has been removed, as Sign-Off is a standalone application and does not require a direct hibernate property.


Added stores

Store Details
CreditQualityMapper Holds the pairing between credit qualities and their associated category (for comparison).

Cube schema

No changes.


No changes.

Context values

No changes.