Maven Project Modules

This page provides a description of how the repository for the Sign-Off Module source code is split between the default implementation and the Core.

Project Structure


Below is a list of all the maven modules that form the default implementation of the Sign-Off Module.

Module name Delivery Type Description
workflow-core Source code Contains the code to handle generic operations on workflows and the interaction with Activiti for the execution of the workflows.
signoff-activeviam Source code Configuration classes and abstract classes used for the definition of the datastore that caches data present in the databases.
signoff-starter Source code Sample implementation where the Activiti workflows are defined. Client customization should be done in this module.

Artifact signoff-intf

The signoff-intf artifact contains the DTO classes that are used to invoke RESTful services on the Accelerator back-end, for example, export operations. This artifact is a dependency of both the Sign-Off module and the Accelerator server.