ActiveViam Terminology Update 2023

ActiveViam Terminology Update 2023

Why are we introducing changes?

  • To make our product offering more readable.
  • To bring naming consistency to the software platform as a whole.
  • To pave the way for future products and features.

The changes in names outlined below do not have any impact on the content or the substance of the product. Only the designation changes.

Atoti – Formerly "Atoti+"

This is ActiveViam's flagship product for enterprise finance analytics.

It includes the following components, among others:

  • Atoti Serverformerly "ActivePivot"
  • Atoti UIformerly "ActiveUI"

Note: there is also a free, limited community version of Atoti, called Atoti Community Edition or Atoti CEformerly "atoti".

Add-on Modules – formerly "Modules"

Add-on Modules expand the capabilities of Atoti by adding new functionalities to the core product.

For instance:

  • Atoti DirectQuery
  • Atoti Limitsformerly "Limits Module"

Business Solutions – formerly "Accelerators"

Business solutions are pre-packaged analytics platforms based on Atoti and designed to address specific use cases.

For instance:

  • Atoti FRTBformerly "FRTB Accelerator"
  • Atoti Market Riskformerly "Market Risk Accelerator"