Connected Server


These are the properties used to configure the Atoti Server that will connect to Atoti Limits. They are not required, but we provide them as an example of how our test server is configured. We prefix our properties with connected-server-60, but you may use whatever is in your server.

File values

Key Description Default value
activeviam.jwt.configure-logout true
activeviam.jwt.expiration 12h false
connected-server-60.content-server.entitlements-t-t-l How long entitlements should be kept in the Content Server’s cache *
connected-server-60.content-server.factory-reset The type of Content Server reset (IE: false, folder or file) *
connected-server-60.content-server.file-name The name of the Content Server file name, if the factoryReset is file *
connected-server-60.content-server.folder-name The name of the Content Server folder, if factoryReset is folder *
connected-server-60.default.csv-source.buffer-size The CSV buffer size in KB 1024
connected-server-60.default.csv-source.parser-threads The number of threads to be used for data loading. 10
connected-server-60.default.topic.accept.incomplete-lines If true, parser will attempt to parse lines with missing columns false
connected-server-60.default.topic.accept.overflow-lines If true, parser will attempt to parse lines with too many columns false
connected-server-60.default.topic.file.skipped-lines The number of lines to skip when parsing a file 1
connected-server-60.default.topic.parser.column-separator The character used to separate columns in a file ,
connected-server-60.default.topic.parser.process-quotes If true, the parser will parse values in double quotes true
connected-server-60.dlc.path-matchers Map of topic name to regular expression to match the CSV file name
connected-server-60.dlc.root-dir The root directory for Connected Server data.
connected-server-60.dlc.sub-directory-paths Map of subdirectory paths